About Hamblin's Ban Database

In early 2021, Jake Hamblin disagnosed a major problem with his PayPal template: it didn't have a great way to stop certain people from purchasing his clients products. This was no big deal, as he'd already developed a solution to stop certain people from purchasing. However, adding each user to this was time consuming and you were only limited by the users you had. So, to deal with this, he created Hamblin's Ban Database. The database is a compilation of a couple of other databases along with the ban lists from a couple of notable developers. Currently, the database is assisted by Troll Guard with the Stronger Together Team database to be implemented sometime in 2021. Along side those databases, it uses the ban databases from RedSaint Modifications and Zeakor Designs, with more developers to be included in the coming months. Hamblin's Ban Database includes the ability for users to access the database through an API. This includes accessing the totality of the database, information about the specific users, and information about the ban database itself in the coming months.